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Highlights of the Royal Society of Biology’s photography competition 2021

 Have you heard of the Royal Society of Biology annual photography competition? Anyone can apply. This is a competition that invites amateur photographers to submit their best shots of nature in various subjects. Some of the previous competition entries were on subjects like movement, patterns, big and small, conflict and survival, home in nature, and changes in the world. Would you ever consider applying with your photographs? There are two cash prizes... But while you ponder that, we'd like to show you the highlights of this year's competition.

Coral reef exposed by the tides

coral reef
Photographer: Truong Hoai Vu.

Tire reclaimed by nature

Biology Photography
Photographer: Roan Jones. 

Ants sipping syrup

Biology Photography
Photographer: John Ishide Bulanadi


Locust outbreak in Kenya

Biology Photography
Photographer: Henry Harte

Gecko biting a snake

Biology Photography
Photographer:  Wei Fu

Night herons on solar power panels

Biology Photography
Photographer: Gu Guanghui

A jewel wasp killing a cockroach

Biology Photography
Photographer: Ripan Biswas

Ants and a yellow aphid

Biology Photography
Photographer: Vishwanath Birje

Patterns growing  on a dextrose agar plate

Biology Photography
Photographer: Alice Feng


Biology Photography
Photographer: Alfonso Roldán Losada

Immune cells communicate with each other

Biology Photography
Photographer: Chanchal Sur Chowdhury
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