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5 Fall Themed DIY Wreaths You Can Proudly Hang On the Door

 Challenge yourself to a DIY decoration project! We've brought you 5 simple fall or Halloween-themed wreaths you can make at home, and proudly hang on your front porch. They are all easy and cheap. Did you know that there are symbolic meanings behind the wreath's circular shape? The circle represents wholeness and unity. We hope these DIY projects will help bring these sentiments into your home. 

1. Halloween Haunted Village Wreath 

This one is sure to bring an eerie atmosphere to your Halloween celebrations. Pay attention: this is a beginner-friendly project but it does take more time and patience than the other wreaths on the list. The good news is that it will last you years. Good luck! 


2. Quick and Easy Fall Wreath

This wreath is quick, easy, and beautiful. Your visitors will be impressed! No need for a florist's wire or tape, so there are no pointy edges. We suggest trying this with the children, and if they're too young, you can take them shopping for supplies. 


3. Baby's Breath Wreath

The most effortless wreath on the list, this one will take you seconds. If you like the minimalist look you can stick with the white flowers, but if you want to add in some color, you can use a spray color for flowers to create a custom baby's breath wreath. For longer-lasting results, we suggest swapping the grapevine for a floral sponge soaked in water or simply getting dried flowers. 


4. Natural and Free Leaf Wreath

All supplies by mother nature, including the grapevine wreath base! If you prefer purchasing a pre-made one that is also perfectly fine. You can just use hand-picked leaves. Take caution as you will use a hot glue gun for this project. 


5. Festive Ribbons Wreath

This one is frugal but it is time-consuming as there are a lot of ribbons to twist to achieve this voluminous look. It's beginner-friendly so if you have the patience it will pay off. You can also invite a friend over and do the project together. 

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