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15 Fantastic Grandmas That Prove Age Is But a Number

 There’s a persistent stereotype that all grandmas are sweet ladies that spend all day knitting and baking cookies. While we’re certainly not going to doubt that first part, it needs to be pointed out that grandmas can and do have many other virtues apart from rad knitting and baking skills. Like anyone else, these inspiring grandmas can have talent in art and music, a sharp sense of humor, incredible wit and inventiveness, and beyond all - a seemingly endless supply of love to spare with everyone in the family!
Look at these 15 cool grandmas - any one of them would give youngins a run for their money!

1. Grandma and granddaughter decided to have a "wedding dress day." The granddaughter is wearing her mother's wedding gown, and the grandma is wearing her own wedding dress.

Fantastic Grandmas wedding dress day
Image Source: Acid Cow

2. "Bought my Grandma an iPad. She's 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for "art." I left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what I came back to."

Fantastic Grandmas grandma draws portrait on ipad
Image Source: Imgur

3. "My grandma doesn’t like my dad’s driving and decided it was better if she just couldn’t see."

Fantastic Grandmas woman covered her eyes driving
Image Source: Acid Cow

4. Grandma scolding a pelican for biting her. Imagine having disciplinary skills so high you could make a bird ashamed for its mischievous actions - simply amazing!

Fantastic Grandmas Grandma scolding a pelican for biting her
Image Source: Imgur

5. Just a 70-year-old grandma sliding down a stair railing with a banana in her hand to make her grandkid smile. Try to beat that dedication!

Fantastic Grandmas 70-year-old grandma sliding down a stair railing with a banana in her hand
Image Source: Imgur

6. Grandma's way of giving a subtle hint on whom she likes more - the dog or the granddaughter

Fantastic Grandmas framed picture of dog and granddaughter
Image Source: Acid Cow

7. Look at these cool grandmas - aren't they perfectly dressed to match the museum?

Fantastic Grandmas perfectly dressed to match the museum
Image Source: Acid Cow

8. This grandma bought a separate bed for her kitty, and it's the best cat bed there ever was!

Fantastic Grandmas cat bed
Image Source: Acid Cow

9. When she was told to have "No more donuts"

Fantastic Grandmas No more donuts
Image Source: Acid Cow

10. A cool alpaca selfie received from grandma

Fantastic Grandmas selfie received from grandma
Image Source: Reddit

11. Frying foods 101 grandma style. Say what you will, but this is genius!

12. "An elderly woman at the post office checking her package: 'Kasya, you have a new dress now!' This is Kasya."

Fantastic Grandmas Kasya
Image Source: Acid Cow

13. "Found on a grandma's camera after a New Year's cruise."

Fantastic Grandmas New Year's cruise
Image Source: Reddit

14. Yes, this grandma is absolutely amazing!

Fantastic Grandmas
Image Source: Instagram

15. And finally, this 97-year-old grandma wanted to share this message with everyone

Fantastic Grandmas 97-year-old grandma motivational
Image Source: Reddit
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