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What Were These Drivers Thinking?! 14 Hilarious Pics

 Car crashes aren’t something to laugh at. But when they are as crazy and bizarre as seen in these photos below, you can’t help but chuckle. These drivers were clearly having a bad day or are just horrible at the job. How else can you explain a car dangling from a set of street wires? Or one that’s crashed into the top floor of a building? Scroll down and laugh at these insane car driving fails

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1. When you couldn't afford to be late for the meeting 

Car Driving Fails, meeting 

2. They clearly failed to read the sign outside 

Car Driving Fails, sign

3. Must be looking for a hidden treasure 

Car Driving Fails, ground

4. "Honey, you've got to stop letting the cars dangle like this."

Car Driving Fails, wire

5. But... How?!

Car Driving Fails, crash

6. Someone's not getting to use their car today

Car Driving Fails,

7. "Help, somebody!!! I am drowning!"

Car Driving Fails, drowning

8. That fruit landed so perfectly...

Car Driving Fails, fruit

9. They just heard about the great sale in the store today 

Car Driving Fails, store, sale

10. That's not the kind of advertisement they must be looking for their store 

Car Driving Fails, car store

11. "I will just pretend I never even saw the car."

Car Driving Fails,

12. They drove their Chevy to the levee...

Car Driving Fails, Chevy

13. You read the signs wrong, sir!

Car Driving Fails, parking

14. Another one who forgot to read the sign...

Car Driving Fails, sign
All images source: Izismile
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