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These Animals Have No Idea How Funny They Are!

 Laugh along with us as we show you a collection of the most hilarious and adorable animal pictures we've seen in a while. From a dog desperately trying to chew through a glass table to get a taste of a chocolate muffin to someone using face masks as hammocks for kittens, this collection of photos has it all. The uniting theme of these pictures is that they're all perfectly timed, showing you the funniest and cutest moments of pets, wild animals, and animals with their humans.

1. "What's this magic barrier?!"

Funny Animals dog and glass table

2. That dog deserves an Oscar for his patient performance!

Funny Animals playing doctor

3. We dare you to tell apart the cattail from the toy brontosaurus

Funny Animals cattail and brontosaurus

4. "Sweet pain!"

Funny Animals dog in water

5. A circle of cuteness

Funny Animals dogs in a circle

6. "What's this fearsome beast?"

Funny Animals cat biting a tent


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7. He was trying to free himself so hard, he got exhausted and fell asleep...

Funny Animals puppy sleeping in a slipper

8. A kitten hammock is positively the cutest use for a face mask!

Funny Animals kitten hammocks

9. "Someone, help! I scattered my pugs all over my room again."

Funny Animals pugs sleeping

10. Is it a cat? Is it a chicken? The world will never know...

Funny Animals cat in a funny position

11. This is just fascinating! How did they all get there?!

Funny Animals parrots on building

12. "Dear Diary, it's day three of confinement, and I have abandoned all hope..."

Funny Animals cat in a cone

13. "Mommy! I want to try!"

Funny Animals flamingo baby

14. "I may have lost this fight, but I will never surrender!"

Funny Animals bathed raccoon

15. This kitten proposal may be the most romantic thing I've ever seen!

Funny Animals cat proposal

16. "They said to pack only the essentials in the carry-on luggage, so he did."

Funny Animals dog in a backpack

17. "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Welcome the magnificent magician Chipmunk the Enigma."

Funny Animals Chipmunks

18. Aww! I can't handle the cuteness!

Funny Animals cat legs heart
Source of all images: Facebook via Izismile
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