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These Funny Language Fails Will Make You Do a Double Take

 Some signs may have the best of intentions, but their message may have you scratching your head! Take these signs we have featured below, for example. We guarantee that reading them will make you hoot with laughter. In fact, some of them don’t even make any sense at all... From grocery store aisles to restaurant menus, these hilariously embarrassing signboards are everywhere and really need to be changed. 

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1. Why is it sad, though? 

Sign Fails, sandwich

2. Okay, we won't

Sign Fails,

3. Special prize to the first one who can decode this for us...

Sign Fails,

4. But why do you want to "shut the Lord"?

Sign Fails, Lord

5. Aw, geez. I don't want the Earth to be unplugged

Sign Fails, note

6. Okay, but we aren't sure who exactly would be interested in "high-quality" herpes!

Sign Fails, herpes

7. Just eat 5 of them you cannibals, okay? 

Sign Fails, restaurant

8. Um... Okay, I guess?

Sign Fails,

9. For which "personnel", though? 

Sign Fails, watermelon

10. Are you sure? 

Sign Fails,

11. That's one way to describe a banana, I guess

Sign Fails, grocery store

12. Alright, noted!

Sign Fails, restaurant

13. Please stop "beeb-beebing", people!

Sign Fails, honking

14. We won't...

Sign Fails, gems

15. At least people will stare at you all day trying to figure out the meaning of what's written on the t-shirt

Sign Fails,  t-shirt

16. We aren't sure if they were being sarcastic, to be honest 

Sign Fails, driving board

17. Really interested to know what exactly is the "Child Beer" on this "Meenu"

Sign Fails, menu
All images source: Izismile
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