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You Will Look Twice at These Catchy & Funny Business Names

 It’s not every day that we pay much attention to the name of a store. But some businesses go that extra mile to attract customers – by using clever naming. What we have here today are some hilariously brilliant store names that you will be forced to look twice at. These shop owners have used creative references and puns to come up with some catchy business names. Some of these might even require a couple of readings. But we guarantee that you will be chuckling at them all.  

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1. You see what they did there? 

Clever Shop Names,

2. Ah, so melancholic... 

Clever Shop Names,

3. Brilliant! 

Clever Shop Names, loft

4. Pinocchio might be upset with this

Clever Shop Names, Pinocchio

5. So it does, doesn't it? 

Clever Shop Names, tailor

6. Clever, but might also scare the customers at first glance

Clever Shop Names, hair studio

7. Mozart might want to have a word with these guys

Clever Shop Names, Mozart

8. They deserve a visit just for that ingenious name itself

Clever Shop Names, restaurant

9. It's all in the name

Clever Shop Names, salon

10. When you get bored with Domino's, you can also try...

Clever Shop Names, eatery

11. Puntastic!

Clever Shop Names, matador

12. Now that's the best name for a service like this 

Clever Shop Names, nanny

13. I would rather have 24, but I see why you did this

Clever Shop Names, bank

14. So this is where all the fish like to disco?

Clever Shop Names, fish

15. Even Springsteen would be proud of this! 

Clever Shop Names, Springsteen

16. Wonder if Americans would be allowed here...

Clever Shop Names, hairdressing
All images source: Izismile
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