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These Animal Photos Are Too Funny For Words!

 Who said you had to go to a standup show to see real comedy? One of the best places to find comedic gold is the nearby zoo or even your own home if you have pets. That's because our lovely pet companions and wild animals are some of the funniest comedians in the world. With their genuine reactions and funny stunts, they're capable of making everyone smile!

1. "Hop on, fellas!"

Funny Animals walrus boat

2. This fawn resting its head against the cat's head is both cute and funny!

Funny Animals fawn and cat

3. Lost in introspection

Funny Animals dog in nature

4. "Please don't go..."

Funny Animals seal in aquarium

5. Like peas in a pod!

Funny Animals sheep in pockets on a horse

6. He looks comfy!

Funny Animals guinea pig

7. "You call this lunch?"

Funny Animals upset cat near salad

8. Aww, the reflection in the glass makes it look like the capybara is wearing a jacket

Funny Animals capybara is wearing a jacket

9. Perfect timing!

Funny Animals

10. "Ride, my faithful stallion!"

Funny Animals

11. Llamas scattered all over the road

Funny Animals Llamas

12. Calm, relaxed, on vacation...

Funny Animals sleeping lizard

13. "What? The road is too dirty for my white feathers. Besides, he didn't seem to mind..."

Funny Animals rooster on a dog

14. "How may I help you, Mr. Patient?"

Funny Animals Dr. Dog

15. You know Halloween isn't far away when you see this on the street...

Funny Animals cat pope

16. The name of this masterpiece is "My First Snow"

Funny Animals cat in snow

17. Look at that adorable face!

Funny Animals dog sleeping on watermelons

18. Picture perfect!

Funny Animals funny dog in mountains

19. "Come here and give me a hug!"

Funny Animals cat statue

20. Too... Much... Pizza!

Funny Animals dog funny face pizza
Source of all images: Acid Cow
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