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15 of the Tiniest and Surprisingly Cute Critters

 There's something about those tiny animals! It seems that the smaller they are, the cuter they get. I think these cutesy little mice with their dollies are solid proof. Not enough small for you? Here we are with a solution: even smaller and cuter animals, tiny enough to sit on a human finger! Just imagine them sitting in the palm of your hand! Some of them are full-grown, others are just babies. Some are furry mammals and others are minuscule sea creatures. But one thing is for sure, and that is, they WILL make your heart melt!

Look at this tiny hugger!

small animals on fingers
Munching time!

Sleep tight

Starfish are cute animals too

Hey there, cutie!

You got me wrapped around your finger!

Hi, friend!

Cuddly little one

Look at this smiling mantis!

The sweetest crab out there!

Well hello, you...

Look at this content little frog

Just hanging out with you!

The cutest mini duo!

Have a nice rest!

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