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19 Ridiculously Adorable Animal Lookalikes

 The appearance of animals is just as unique as that of humans. So finding an animal’s doppelganger that isn’t your sibling or parent is no easy feat. The animals we’re about to show you are doubly special. They’re not just complete lookalikes, to the point that they could be twins, they also belong to different species! And last but definitely not least, all of these adorable animal doppelgangers are best buds in real life too.
These cute animal lookalikes are guaranteed to make your heart melt!

1. Look at those cute little noses!

Animal Lookalikes black and white guinea pig and dog

2. These two are so alike that they blend into each other

Animal Lookalikes dog and kitten

3. "What do you mean by 'you're not real brothers'?"

Animal Lookalikes puppy and piglet

4. "Gather 'round, brethren!"

Animal Lookalikes black and white puppy and cats

5. This family has two matching cats and dogs - amazing!

Animal Lookalikes

6. This is the cutest family reunion ever!

Animal Lookalikes dog and baby horse

7. The cat is a brother from another mother

Animal Lookalikes white dogs and cat

8. "Why does everyone keep asking if we're related?"

Animal Lookalikes pug and big dog

9. Those adorable smiling faces are simply corgilicious!

Animal Lookalikes corgi and cat hug

10. "You will look just like me when you grow up."

Animal Lookalikes guinea pig and dog

11. "Friend, I'm just as surprised as you are!"

Animal Lookalikes kitten and guinea pig

12. We found another couple of lookalikes to match the previous duet

Animal Lookalikes guinea pig and dog tricolored

13. Aww, even the expressions on their cute little faces match!

Animal Lookalikes kitten and dog

14. The cutest twinsies ever!

Animal Lookalikes cat and rabbit

15. "Friends, we have an impostor in our midst."

Animal Lookalikes impostor dog

16. "Finally, I found the purrfect camouflage!"

Animal Lookalikes camouflage cat and dog

17. Awww, those blue eyes are so dreamy!

Animal Lookalikes blue eyes

18. It's difficult to tell where the cat ends and the guinea pig begins...

Animal Lookalikes cat and guinea pig

19. They're twin seals separated at birth!

Animal Lookalikes twin seals
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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