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Is Bird Poop on Your Car Just Inconvenient or Actually Hazardous?

 Picture this: you took your precious, well-cared-for car to get cleaned during your lunch break. This time, you decide to pamper yourself and splurge on manual external cleaning and some interior cleaning as well. You feel like your car is brand new again, but the instant you stop at the first stop sign, you hear a slight thud, and you see it on your windshield - a darn pigeon has offloaded on your clean shiny car. You quickly give it a wipe with the windshield wipers, but the awful discharge only spreads even more. What should you do?

man cleaning car hood with a sponge

First, here's what you should know: bird feces can and will damage your car if left untreated. Bird poop is an exceptionally acidic matter that can cause corrosion on layers of wax, clear coat, and even paint, although this is the extreme case. 

Hot weather and direct sun will worsen the effect, as the metal and color layers expand, essentially letting the fecal matter penetrate even deeper. 

bird poop on grey car
Let's stop the graphic details here and get practical. Here's what you can do:
  • Prevention is key, just like with anything in life. Look for hooded parking spots. 
  • Keep a microfiber towel, a plastic bag, and some window cleaner or tap water in your trunk for on-site treatment. Simply spray some cleaner or a little water, and wipe. Throw the towel in a plastic bag until you can wash it.
  • Give your car a polish and wax treatment regularly.
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