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14 Times Kids Surprised Everyone With Their Funny Logic

 Unburdened by the troubles of adult life and endlessly creative, all kids have their own ways of doing things. Even if the thing in question is as simple and routine as writing a Mother's day card or playing a game of hide and seek. As any parent and grandparent will know, this unique logic of theirs is bound to create many hilarious situations.
Best of all, kids are often oblivious to the fact that they're doing something funny, which only multiplies all the laughs! Scroll down for 14 sidesplitting examples of kid logic.

1. For those of you who can't tell what's going on, she's playing hide and seek...

Funny Kids Logic hide and seek
Image Source: Izismile

2. When your child insists to make breakfast for you

Funny Kids Logic breakfast
Image Source: Izismile

3. This boy loves his dad with all of his flaws and quirks

4. “My 2-year-old daughter did this and put it back with the others when she was done marking her territory.”

Funny Kids Logic banana
Image Source: Izismile

5. All these treasures retrieved from a single speaker

Funny Kids Logic speaker
Image Source: Izismile

6. We'd love to hear the story behind this one!

Funny Kids Logic stuck with minions
Image Source: Reddit

7. “My daughter said the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster, so I told her to cut it in half.”

Funny Kids Logic bun toaster
Image Source: Izismile

8. When a 6-year-old finishes a drawing of Santa

Funny Kids Logic Santa drawing
Image Source: Izismile

9. Seems pretty logical to me...

Funny Kids Logic charging
Image Source: Izismile


10. This kid decided to make his own popsicle

Funny Kids Logic popsicle
Image Source: Izismile

11. Say what you will, but it's a pretty convincing argument

Funny Kids Logic do not knock
Image Source: Reddit

12. Another professional hide and seek-er

Funny Kids Logic hide and seek 2
Image Source: Izismile

13. Young Joshua has a thing or two to learn about Mother's day cards...

Funny Kids Logic Mother's day card
Image Source: Izismile

14. Ninja mode - on!

Funny Kids Logic hiding behind a towel
Image Source: Reddit
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