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Artist Depicts Complex Topics Through Elegantly Simple Art

 Explaining a complicated topic using simple terms is a special gift. If you ever had to explain anything to a 5-year-old, you know what we mean. Art is similar to teaching in that regard. One of the goals of an artist is to take a complicated, often messy subject and illustrate it in the simplest terms possible. The Estonian artist Eiko Ojala is the master of this skill.
Ojala's tastefully simple, seamlessly crafted, and deeply metaphorical illustrations bring light to complex topics like the pandemic, climate change, and social issues. His signature paper and shadow illustrations are highly regarded and recognized, as the artist’s works have been featured on the covers of such reputable publications as New Scientist, The New Yorker, The Harvard Business Review, and The New York Times. Enjoy 15 of the artist’s digital artworks below, and get acquainted with his other works on his Website and Behance Page.
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