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These Innovations Are Designed For Oddly Specific Purposes

 Did you know that there’s a chair designed specifically for people who like to sit cross-legged? Or that there’s a vehicle whose only purpose is to clean street signs? Yes, these unusual tools do exist and today we will be taking a look at some of the most interesting ones. These little-known niche inventions serve oddly obscure purposes you've never heard of but are extremely useful for the people who use them. In fact, there’s even a machine made just for brushing cows! 

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1. Love to sit cross-legged? They've made a chair just for that…

Specialized Tools, cross-legged chair
Image source: Reddit

2. Baby head protector

Specialized Tools, Baby head protector
Image source: Imgur

3. A seatbelt attachment for pregnant women

Specialized Tools, seatbelt attachment for pregnant women
Image source: Reddit

4. Tree Mover for relocating trees safely. Have you ever see one before? 

Specialized Tools, Tree Mover
Image source: Reddit

5. A cow brush machine... Because cows like scratches too

Specialized Tools,
Image source: Reddit

6. A Norwegian shoe drying machine

Specialized Tools, shoe drying machine
Image source: Reddit

7. Snow clearing machine for trucks!

Specialized Tools, Snow clearing machine
Image source: Reddit

8.This titanium-coated butter knife is made with internal copper alloy heat tubes and heats up when held in the hands. This makes it easier to spread butter…

Specialized Tools, butter knife
Image source: Reddit

9. A street sign cleaning vehicle in Germany that comes with soap, water, a brush, and some kind of reflective wax

Specialized Tools, street sign cleaning vehicle
Image source: Reddit

10. So that’s how they refuel helicopters in mid-air!

Specialized Tools, helicopters
Image source: Reddit

11. These specialized chain tires are used in the extreme heat of steel mills

Specialized Tools, specialized chain tires
Image source: Reddit

12. A label applicator… So cool!

Specialized Tools, label applicator
Image source: Reddit

13. A velometer – a device used to measure the speed of air in a given area

Specialized Tools, velometer
Image source: Reddit

14. This is the machine that court reporters use to type everything that is said there. It’s called a stenographer

Specialized Tools, stenographer
Image source: Reddit

15. Nasa Pistol Grip Tool - the cordless space drill used by NASA astronauts. It’s generally used by spacewalkers to fix the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station

Specialized Tools, Nasa Pistol Grip Tool
Image source: Reddit

16. These are training scissors for children. The extra holes are there for adults to co-scissor and help the kid

Specialized Tools, training scissors for children
Image source: Reddit
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