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Bite Sized Lessons About Earth and What Makes it Unique

 These mechanisms were here since we were born, and probably since our great-great-great-great grandparents were born as well. They are all around us constantly, making life on earth the way it is. We usually don't pay any mind to them, like we don’t pay any mind to the beating of our heart, because they are what makes up our reality. Therefore, we take them for granted. Most of the topics in this series probably never crossed your mind, but aren't you curious about them, now that the answers are in front of you?


How did our clever earth manage to "fish" the moon from the space pond? Why can't we see the dark side of the moon? Answers Here!
Learn what lies beneath our feet in the depths of the earth, and where all that lava comes from.
If water is so scarce in space, how come the earth is so rich in it? Come find the origins of the liquid of life.
Wonder what makes a river wander? In this video, you'll find out what makes a stream meander.
After finding out where all that water came from and why it travels into the sea, we can sit and relax on the beach. But wait, where did all that sand come from?
The most complex topic in this series is plate tectonics. Not anymore! Learn all about tectonic plates - simplified and explained in less than three minutes.
Now that we are earth experts, let's branch out into space. Where did all those meteorites come from?
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