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These Photos Are NOT What They Seem - 12 Optical Illusions

 Have you ever seen a tree that looks like an elephant or a mushroom that appears identical to an owl? We haven’t, which probably explains why these confusing pictures had us fooled! Taking only a quick look at these deceptive pictures will definitely make your mind play tricks on you, so don’t rush and look closely to see what’s really going on in each picture! 

1. This root looks just like an elephant!

Optical Illusions elephant branch

2. Wow! The shadow of this pile of laundry is like a man's face

Optical Illusions pile of laundry

3. "I'm the driver, right here. Can't you see me?"

Optical Illusions dalmation

4. A building that looks like a neat stack of delicious wafers!

Optical Illusions wafers

5. You can see the entire world in this coffee stain

Optical Illusions cup stain

6. No dog was not harmed in the creation of this picture

Optical Illusions dog paws

7. Why do all these trees look like elephants all of a sudden?

Optical Illusions elephant tree

8. Do you see the creepy face too?

Optical Illusions creepy face

9. The shadow says "Hi!"

Optical Illusions hi shadow
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10. This mushroom is just like a miniature owl. Isn't it cute?

Optical Illusions owl

11. What is that tractor doing on a roof?

Optical Illusions tractor on a roof

12. The 2-in-1 horse

Optical Illusions  2-in-1 horse
Source of all images: The Chive
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