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15 Surprising Things Seen in People’s Gardens

 The yard and the garden are the parts of one’s property that other people usually get to see as well. This is why a garden is often a means of self-expression and creativity. The 15 gardens we are about to share with you take this self-expression to the maximum. Some of them are cool and clever, whereas others are truly bizarre and even shocking. Scroll down to see some of the most surprising gardens and yards you’ll ever see!

1. Thanks to these hedges, you can spot this dentist clinic from a mile away!

Funny Gardens dentist clinic

2. This is actually really cool and creative!

Funny Gardens

3. Sometimes, repurposing old things isn't such a good idea...

Funny Gardens WC seat and rooster

4. "Where was this beauty when I was a kid?"

Funny Gardens pool fountain

5. "Yay, my LED garden lamps have finally sprouted!"

Funny Gardens LED garden lamps

6. When you don't have a dog, use a log!

Funny Gardens beware of the log

7. A parking spot for the shopping cart

Funny Gardens shopping cart

8. Some topiaries are kind of disturbing

Funny Gardens disturbing topiary

9. A pretty clever way to conceal the recycling

Funny Gardens conceal the recycling

10. This tire sculpture is pretty cool, but also very creepy

Funny Gardens tire sculpture

11. Safety first!

Funny Gardens Safety gate

12. We are speechless... because we can't stop laughing

Funny Gardens masked topiary

13. Oh no! The garden furniture came to life

Funny Gardens  garden furniture came to life

14. For those wondering - this is not a house

Funny Gardens house

15. It appears that this car has been abandoned for a while...

Funny Gardens car
Source of all images: Izismile
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