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Sing Along To These Beloved Tunes!

 It doesn’t take scientific research to conclude that music makes people happier. Singing along to one of your favorite tunes can help reduce stress, makes you feel more energetic, and enhances your overall mood. That is true for all age groups. But for seniors, the benefits of music are even greater. Not only does it have a seemingly magical ability to improve memory, but it also encourages socialization.

So if you feel that a good singalong (alone or with friends) is exactly what you need, take a look at the playlist below. These catchy, beloved, and familiar tunes are all great to sing along to. Each song includes the lyrics too. Enjoy!


Elvis Presley
 The Beatles
The Carpenters
 The Temptations
Neil Diamond
Ben E. King
The Beatles


Adams/Strouse - Bye Bye Birdie
John Denver
Jimmie Davis
Patti Page
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