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14 Magical Landscapes Depicting the European Countryside

 Many great painters in history were inspired to create and evolve their craft by channeling the beauty of the European countryside. And this tradition continues to this day. The magnificent sunsets, vibrant streams, endless fields, luscious forests, and serene cottages of Europe have become the creative inspiration for yet another talented contemporary artist.
Anastasia Trusova’s art is deeply rooted in nature. The artist, who was born in Russia but is currently residing in Belgium, considers the art of Impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh, to be the secondary inspiration of her work. She calls her personal style “textured graphic impressionism,” which amplifies the color scheme of nature and expresses emotion through texture and detail.
Paintings of European Countryside
Trusova uses a palette knife to strategically smear acrylic paint, creating a dynamic and unusual texture that forms bright flowers, thick clouds, and foliage on the canvas. “I don’t think about the rules. I paint as I feel. I add volume to highlight and emphasize something or to show something that is closer,” she said to This Is Colossal.
We are extremely impressed by Anastasia’s works, and we hope that you too will enjoy a collection of her expressive, bold, yet somehow soft and delicate landscapes.
Paintings of European Countryside
See more of Anastasia Trusova's artworks on her Website and Instagram Page.

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