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Hilarious Fails Like These Will Go Down In History!

 We think it’s safe to say that most people try to do a satisfactory job at their work. And it doesn’t matter what that work entails - writing signs, laying bricks, or delivering packages. The same cannot be said about the people whose “masterpieces” we’re about to showcase. In fact, it seems that they aimed for failure (and certainly succeeded). The resulting fails are too funny to be true!

1. Ice scream for help!

Funny Fails Ice scream

2. It would be quite tough to smoke while swimming...

Funny Fails no smoking

3. I really hope this was indeed a mistake and not someone being mean

Funny Fails have a good die

4. Well, the box says nothing about quintuple-stacking

Funny Fails no double stacking

5. "You are fired, Venus flytrap!"

Funny Fails Venus fly trap

6. Do NOT follow these arrows

Funny Fails arrows

7. Yeah, the 'M' on his hat stands for a-M-erica

Funny Fails mario

8. An actual question on an online survey

Funny Fails online survey

9. They decided to "save time" by building the road from two sides... It didn't go very well

Funny Fails building a road

10. This isn't just tragic, it's also deeply ironic

Funny Fails a fire truck on fire
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11. This too is hilariously ironic!

Funny Fails crack resistant cement

12. What a bargain!!

Funny Fails bargain

13. Did you know that "I" stands for ladyb-I-rd?

Funny Fails ladybird

14. That's funny because we could've sworn it tastes just like wine!

Funny Fails water wine
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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