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Bald Men Have These 8 Great Advantages

 Hair loss and going bald is one of the scariest worries men have. The strands of hair found on the pillow and the small patches of hair that continue to fall out can be a source of anxiety for many men. But the loss of hair and going bald doesn't need to be that bad. It turns out that baldness has its own advantages. So instead of focusing on the negatives, educate yourselves about the pros of going bald.

1. You have a lower risk of cancer

A study researching prostate cancer found that men who started to lose their hair at a young age had 45% less chance of getting prostate cancer than men with a full head of hair. The study found that long-term exposure to large quantities of testosterone, which is one of the causes for male baldness, can slow down the development of tumors in the body, in direct contrast to the previous belief that testosterone actually encourages the development of cancerous growths.


2. You have a more efficient metabolism

Despite the negative effect on the scalp, high levels of testosterone in the male body have a positive influence - they boost the metabolism process and help the body get in shape, maintain a healthy weight and develop bodily muscles. Studies have also shown that men with a high level of testosterone have a lower concentration of fat in the face, which may contribute to a stronger, more sculpted face.


3. You're seen as more masculine

Another study researching the effects of male baldness asked hundreds of young men and women to voice an opinion on photos of men with full hair and then give their opinion of the same men whose hair was digitally removed from the photos. The men presented were seen as stronger, more assertive and even taller in the photos where they were shown as bald. The study even suggested an explanation of the phenomenon - a bald scalp is seen by many as associated with more "manly" professions, such as soldiers, cops, and firefighters.


4. You save time and money

Shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, creams and the hairdresser - we may not notice, but these expenses add up. Men who are bald aren't required to spend money on grooming their hair. Another great advantage is saving TIME - you won't need to style your hair. 


5. You look great in any hat

That's right, no hat hair for you. Bald men can make any hat look good. Add a pair of neat looking sunglasses and you look like a million bucks every time you leave the house. Try any hat you want, a baseball cap, a fedora - you can even bring top hats back in style! They all look great on you.


6. You have an advantage in business dealings

Bald men are seen by many as having better leadership potential, as more assertive and more powerful. These impressions give them an edge in the business world. That said, studies show that men whose hair is falling out and do not shave their heads are actually seen as weak and insecure. That is why experts recommend that men who are losing their hair bite the bullet and completely shave their head.

Some experts also mention that some of the strongest and most influential leaders of all time lost their hair, including Winston Churchill, Vladimir Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi and Vladimir Putin.


7. You don't have to face the worst male worry

According to leading psychologists, the fear of going bald is one of the worst fears men have. Thinking about it all the time can be very exhausting and debilitating. Many men consult with skin specialists, pay fortunes every month for all sorts of medicine and even count the number of hairs falling out daily. If you've already said goodbye to your hair, you've probably already realized it's not that bad, and you are no longer accompanied by this daily fear. 


8. You don't age

Men who are bald may look older - at first. But as time goes by, they have no hair to turn grey or hair to lose, so other than a few wrinkles, they keep looking the same age as they always have. Take Patrick Stewart or Bruce Willis, for example, both bald men who have looked the same age for decades!


However, If you're not quite ready to give up your head of hair, find out the natural ways to prevent baldness.

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