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17 Beautiful Recycling Projects For Your Inspiration!

 Why would you throw something away when you can remake it into something useful? The idea of reusing, remaking, and essentially recycling old items is as old as time. It’s a tradition practiced by all previous generations, one we will hopefully all maintain and honor.
Even if you don’t fancy the idea of drinking from a once broken cup or don’t need another camp cooler, you could always make these items benefit other living things. These 17 do-it-yourself projects are a great source of inspiration for those of you who want to waste less and learn to mend and transform things instead of throwing them away.

1. "This kind man is recycling old camp coolers to make warm kitty shelters for winter! How cool is this?!"

Recycling Projects old camp coolers to as kitty shelters
Image Source: Reddit

2. This person takes plastic shipping straps from hardware store waste and uses them to create these sturdy baskets!

Recycling Projects baskets
Image Source: Reddit

3. A beautiful rose made of recycled cutlery

Recycling Projects rose made of recycled cutlery
Image Source: Reddit

4. Replacing an old fence? You can easily use the old fencing to make garden boxes!

Recycling Projects garden boxes
Image Source: Reddit

5. An old bicycle wheel became a stunning wall decoration!

Recycling Projects bicycle wheel
Image Source: Reddit

6. This old fan had a bad motor, so the owner turned it into a unique lamp

Recycling Projects fan lamp
Image Source: Reddit

7. We'd love to own that stunning TV stand!

Recycling Projects TV stand
Image Source: Reddit

8. A broken pot like this can be turned into a succulent fairy garden. This beauty will surely become the centerpiece of any patio or porch.

Recycling Projects succulent fairy garden
Image Source: Reddit

9. Old teacups that became beautiful bird feeders!

Recycling Projects bird feeders
Image Source: Reddit

10. This old microwave cart became the best Christmas present for the little ones - a rolling Lego stand.

Recycling Projects rolling Lego stand
Image Source: Reddit

11. From a vintage TV into a stylish bar!

12. I can't believe that cute onesie was once a sweater!

Recycling Projects onesie
Image Source: Reddit

13. With a little cleaning, paint, and some extra wood, this old military file cabinet got a brand new life!

Recycling Projects military file cabinet
Image Source: Reddit

14. Can you even believe that this reusable shopping bag was once a pile of plastic bags?

Recycling Projects reusable shopping bag
Image Source: Shebbi_shik

15. Even a simple diaper box can be turned into a pretty bookcase!

Recycling Projects diaper box bookcase
Image Source: Reddit

16. This old grill makes such a beautiful herb garden!

Recycling Projects herb garden
Image Source: Reddit

17. A school security guard saved this pile of old benches and gave them back to the school.

Recycling Projects old benches
Image Source: Facebook
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