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14 Funny But Very Confusing Pictures

 Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered, “What on Earth is going on here?” That’s the impression we got when we saw these photos, be it a picture of a polar bear getting out of a train, a yearbook with a picture of a dog, or a cheetah getting a speeding ticket. Even if we don’t know the context behind these 14 pictures, we can certainly tell that the photos themselves are utterly hilarious!

1. "You were speeding, Mr. Cheetah."

Bizarre Pictures Cheetah speeding ticket
Image Source: Reddit

2. Just an ordinary workday for working bears and people in Russia...

Bizarre Pictures bear in public transportation
Image Source: Reddit

3. The chicken looks pretty determined to fly over that fence... Just saying...

4. Why would anyone think that putting a bouncy castle in a cemetery was a good idea?

Bizarre Pictures bouncy castle in a cemetery
Image Source: Reddit

5. We actually know the story behind this one: these cute little deer were saved from a fire and transported to a sanctuary.

Bizarre Pictures deer in a car
Image Source: Reddit

6. His parents should never show him Jurassic Park!

7. That is one mean sign...

Bizarre Pictures dumb free area
Image Source: Reddit

8. This is not what we expected to see. Ever.

Bizarre Pictures rolling chair
Image Source: Reddit

9. The cashier's face says it all!

Bizarre Pictures bananas
Image Source: Reddit

10. His face may not indicate it, but this man's day looks pretty eventful...

11. This adorable service dog got his own photo in a yearbook, and it's both cute and hilarious!

Bizarre Pictures service dog got his own photo in a yearbook
Image Source: Reddit

12. The laundromat can be a real jungle, at times.

Bizarre Pictures tiger at a laundromat
Image Source: The Chive

13. Why, Mr. Turtle, why?!

Bizarre Pictures turtle and horse
Image Source: Reddit

14. This boy looks so concentrated on his game, we're not even sure that he's aware of the rooster on his head...

Bizarre Pictures
Image Source: Reddit
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