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14 Tried and True Cooking Tips

 Even if you are an experienced cook, learning a new trick could prove super useful and time-saving. Luckily, the world is full of creative minds who are able to look at the most ordinary tools and habits from a fresh angle and give them a twist. And what’s a better platform than the internet to share those practical secrets? We collected 14 such great tried and true tricks to make your life in the kitchen much easier!

1. Peeling onions and garlic on an old tea towel makes for easy clean-up and fewer skins floating around the kitchen. Kitchen Tips and Hacks peeling onion

Image Source: Reddit

2. Use a spoon to anchor your strainer. Kitchen Tips and Hacks balance strainer

3. A simple way to cut mushrooms.

 Kitchen Tips and Hacks cutting mushrooms

Image Source: Reddit

4. If you put some baking powder on chicken before baking it, it will be really crispy Kitchen Tips and Hacks cooking chicken


5. In order not to bake potatoes in the oven for 1 hour, you can use the microwave oven. 5 minutes in the microwave oven and 15 minutes in the oven. Kitchen Tips and Hacks potatoes

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6. Portion soup into ziplock bags and flatten them into rectangles before freezing. This method saves space, the soup defrosts super quickly, and you can keep an eye on portion control!

 Kitchen Tips and Hacks ziplock soup
Image Source: Reddit

7. To get rid of dirt in the coffee grinder, grind some rice in it.
 Kitchen Tips and Hacks rice in coffee grinder

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8. You can make 'bonfire potatoes' using a stove: sprinkle salt on the frying pan. The layer should be at least 2 cm thick. Put the potatoes on the top, cover them with the lid, and set a medium temperature. Cook for 40 minutes, rotating the potatoes from time to time. Kitchen Tips and Hacks potato recipe

9. Just a simple trick for fried waffles
 Kitchen Tips and Hacks fried waffles

Image Source: Reddit

10. To prevent baking paper from rolling, simply crumple it before use. Kitchen Tips and Hacks baking paper

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11. You don't a special machine to create a vacuum in a ziplock. Fill a pot with water, and gently lower your ziplock into it, when only one inch of the bag is open. The water pressure will push all of the air out of the ziplock. Just as the bag is about to be submerged, seal that inch you left open. Kitchen Tips and Hacks sealing ziplock

Image Source: YouTube

12. Have an old knife but the handle is wooden? Boil some linseed oil in a pan and rub the handle using just a few drops. Kitchen Tips and Hacks knife

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