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Let’s Celebrate the Amazing Power and Beauty of Nature

There’s nothing quite as pacifying as marveling at the many colors of Mother Nature. However, nature is more than just pretty rainbows, gushing geysers, and spectacular landscapes. There’s an inherent power in it, that’s so mesmerizing. Today, we will be celebrating the unique force and beauty of our natural world through some amazing pictures. Some of them show the rare anomalies present on earth, and others display the sheer majesty of Mother Nature. Let's take a look...

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1. This stream is going right through a tree

Nature Pics,stream  tree

2. Lightning that highlights a tornado

Nature Pics, tornado

3. This abandoned car has been reclaimed by nature

Nature Pics, reclaimed by nature

4. “A storm knocked over a tree whose roots lifted the car parked next to it.”

Nature Pics, tornado

5. This corn has popped in the most unusual way

Nature Pics, corn

6. The sky has been split perfectly because of the way a cloud cast its shadow 

Nature Pics, sky

7. An iridescent cloud. Also known as "fire rainbows" or "rainbow clouds, these clouds are caused by tiny ice crystals or water droplets in the air that scatters the sun's light

Nature Pics, iridescent cloud

8. Yes, snails can also be albino. They are extremely rare and remain hidden in submerged vegetation during the day while coming out mostly at night

Nature Pics, albino snail

9. Amazing! Five waterspouts (whirling columns of air and water mist) seen in the same place. They were caused by the La Niña weather pattern

Nature Pics,waterspouts 

10. Trees growing straight through a cyclone fence

Nature Pics, Trees

11. This snapping turtle looks like some moss-covered rock in a lake

Nature Pics,  snapping turtle

12. When even road signs bloom! 

Nature Pics, road signs

13. Most of the cherries in this box are mutated in some way

Nature Pics, cherries
All images source: Acid Cow
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