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15 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Sporting a Wig

 It’s just not fair that humans are the only species that get to wear wigs. In fact, dogs adorned in wigs can look just as cute and just as funny as humans do - as you’re about to find out. We’re well aware that this installment of funny dog pictures is a bit different from the usual canine shenanigans we post on our website. But when you see these dogs in wigs and notice a big smile appear on your face, you’ll see why we had to share them with you!

1. A dashing doggo!

Dogs in Wigs dashing doggo
Image Source: Instagram

2. "I'm not in the mood for jokes today."

Dogs in Wigs short wig
Image Source: Instagram

3. We have nothing to add...

4. No one looks good on their ID picture, not even dogs 

Dogs in Wigs ID
Image Source: Instagram

5. It takes hard work to be a fashion icon

Dogs in Wigs tall wig
Image Source: Reddit

6. "Blue hair, don't care."

Dogs in Wigs Blue hair
Image Source: Instagram

7. That wig may or may have not been made of cat fur...

Dogs in Wigs cat fur hair
Image Source: Reddit

8. Summertime good boy!

Dogs in Wigs Summertime good boy
Image Source: Reddit

9. The little princess of the house

Dogs in Wigs princess
Image Source: Instagram

10. What an adorable Daschund mermaid!

11. "Can I interest you in a brand new pair of slippers? I only chewed on them twice."

Dogs in Wigs salesman
Image Source: Reddit

12. What a cutie!

Dogs in Wigs cutie
Image Source: Instagram

13. The Big Doggowski

Dogs in Wigs The Big Doggowski
Image Source: Instagram

14. Lockdown hair, dog edition

Dogs in Wigs Lockdown hair, dog edition
Image Source: Instagram

15. He always looks a little disheveled on Friday mornings

Dogs in Wigs disheveled
Image Source: Instagram

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