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13 Abandoned Spots Around the World

 There is a certain fascination that comes with abandoned buildings. After all, every deserted place has a history. You may ask yourself questions like ‘What did this place look like in its heyday?’ or ‘Who were the people that called this place home?’ The sense of mystery is only heightened by the clear signs of the passage of time, like nature taking over the structure.

While abandoned buildings can be creepy, they can also exhibit a mysterious beauty. Just take a look at this collection of intriguing and long-forgotten spots around the world.

1. Abandoned schoolhouse, Licking County, Ohio
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings schoolhouse Ohio

2. A gravestone for someone's beloved dogEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings gravestone

3. An abandoned house on Eliot St., Detroit, MichiganEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings house in Detroit

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4. A petrified iron ladder, somewhere in FranceEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings  petrified iron ladder

5. An abandoned glass mansion in VirginiaEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings glass mansion

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6. A strip club or “oppabu” in Japan, abandoned in 1997
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings A strip club or “oppabu” in Japan,

7. An abandoned orphanage built in Istanbul in 1899
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings orphanage in Istanbul

8. An overgrown swimming pool
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings swimming pool

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9. The old mines around Creede, ColoradoEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings old mines in Colorado

10. An abandoned house and BMW, Germany
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings house and BMW

11. Detroit's abandoned zoo on Belle Isle
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings Detroit's abandoned zoo

12. An abandoned church in Saskatchewan, Canada
Eerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings church in Canada

13. A psychiatric hospital, Poughkeepsie, New YorkEerily Handsome Abandoned Buildings psychiatric hospital, Poughkeepsie, New York

Source of images: Acid Cow

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