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This Italian Artist Turns Blobs of Paint Into Stunning Art

 One could say that finding order in chaos is the essence of art. After all, an artist’s goal is to take a blank canvas, some paint, and a few brushes, and use them to paint a picture the viewer can understand and appreciate. This is exactly the story that Golsa Golchini, an Italian artist, intends to tell in her artworks.
The artist uses paint liberally to cover an existing painting, frame, and maybe even a part of a wall. She then paints realistic athletes, animals, or urban landscapes over it. Her paintings may seem haphazard or messy at first, but the fluidity and balance of these artworks reveal the thought and intention that stand behind every painting.
Golsa Golchini ski
Golsa Golchini colorful fish
View more of Golsa Colchini's artworks on her Instagram Page.
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