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Learn 19 Surprising Facts With These Cute Illustrations!

 The world we live in is full of surprising facts. These adorably illustrated pictures give a good sample of some of the most unexpected but true facts we’ve EVER heard. For example, did you know that the average wine glass from the beginning of the 18th century was just 66 ml as opposed to the 417 ml giants of the 2000s?
This is a legitimate finding by research from the University of Cambridge, which compared over 400 glasses from the past three centuries and found that their average size got 6-7 times bigger. The researchers reserved their judgment as to what it tells about modern-day alcohol consumption, but the very fact of such a dramatic increase is staggering!
Scroll down to learn about 18 more of such fascinating facts from these cute illustrations by the website Factourism.
Factourism wine glass
Factourism snow
Factourism TV
Factourism IKEA
Factourism cheerleading
Factourism queen
Factourism ugly laws
Factourism hot air balloon
Factourism wizard of oz
Factourism trees
Factourism baby giraffes
Factourism pigeon
Factourism donut planet
Factourism crows
Factourism polar bear jail
Factourism play doh
Factourism sloth
Factourism password
Factourism UPS
Source of all images: izismile/ factourism
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