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14 Woodworking Masterpieces You Must See

Woodworking is an ancient art form that goes all the way back to antiquity. Two ancient civilizations where woodworking was very prominent were the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Chinese. As woodworking is both a creative and a practical craft, it’s no surprise that it was passed down through generations, and there are quite a few talented woodworkers even today. Check out some of their work in the photo collection below.

1. This unique sculpture was made to raise money for the St. Louis Children's Heart CenterWoodworking Masterpieces  sculpture

2. A cedar strip canoeWoodworking Masterpieces  canoe

3. Brass, oak, and shou-sugi sideboardWoodworking Masterpieces  sideboard

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4. Life story scroll saw artWoodworking Masterpieces  life story

5. What a classy wardrobe!Woodworking Masterpieces  cupboard

6. A square bowl with a cool grid pattern
Woodworking Masterpieces  bowl

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7. French cleat organization systemWoodworking Masterpieces  cleat

8. "Made a ring box for a friend's beach wedding. Walnut, oak, and mother-of-pearl inlay."
Woodworking Masterpieces  ring box

9. A maple bathroom vanityWoodworking Masterpieces  bathroom vanity

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10. "My second piece of furniture. Only took 4 months and $1k in walnut."
Woodworking Masterpieces walnut cupboard

11. A beautiful chessboardWoodworking Masterpieces  chessboard

12. A carved owlWoodworking Masterpieces  carved owl

13. One of the most original woodworking projects we've seenWoodworking Masterpieces  skateboard

14. "I made a snowy peak mountain holder/stand for my coffee filters. Meranti wood and Danish oil."Woodworking Masterpieces  filter holder

Source of all images: Acid Cow

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