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15 Hilarious Examples of Vandalism You Just Can’t Ignore

 Vandalism should never be encouraged, right? After all, how can anyone support the willful desecration of public or private property? Well, we found out that vandalism isn’t always bad. Some forms of mild vandalism, in fact, can make you hoot. Yes. Take a look at the pictures we have shared below and you will know what we mean. These vandals sure had a sense of humor…

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1. Okay, we won't! 

Funny Vandalism, stop sign

2. That's a nose to be envied of

Funny Vandalism, nose

3. We wonder what kind of "spice" they were talking about? 

Funny Vandalism, spice

4. Girth must be celebrated too, I guess...

Funny Vandalism, birthday sign

5. Well, that's one way to scare off trespassers 

Funny Vandalism, road sign

6. Okay, then! 

Funny Vandalism, birds

7. That's clearly an area to steer clear of 

Funny Vandalism, road sign

8. So just park then?

Funny Vandalism, stop sign

9. That's a scary bear! 

Funny Vandalism, bear

10. Nice mustache, Sir! 

Funny Vandalism, mustache

11. He really enjoyed the suit it seems 

Funny Vandalism, discounts

12. Here's another one with a cool mustache 

Funny Vandalism, mustache

13. "What??? They just threw me out?!"

Funny Vandalism,

14. In other words... "Enter at your own risk"

Funny Vandalism,

15. That's an odd insult 

Funny Vandalism,
All images source: Acid Cow
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