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The Wackiest Cars on the Road - 16 Hilarious Pictures

 You may encounter many different kinds of vehicles on the road: trucks, convertibles, sports cars, or hatchbacks. Most of these cars are ordinary and even unremarkable. After all, most car owners use a vehicle to get from one place to another and don’t mean to express their personalities' entire breadth and depth through the automobiles they drive.
The owners of the 16 cars we’re about share with you probably think that’s boring. For them, a personalized car is the best car, even if it ends up looking like a UFO or a fuzzy purple monster. And we must say, looking at these wacky cars is quite entertaining, even though they’re all completely outrageous!

1. A baby of a vintage Volkswagen van and a London double-decker bus...

Wacky Cars Volkswagen van

2. Are those portable fan guards on the wheels?

Wacky Cars portable fan guards on the wheels

3. The boogeyman car

Wacky Cars boogeyman car

4. Apparently even UFOs must be registered at the DMV these days...

Wacky Cars UFO

5. When you take the term "city car" a bit too literally...

Wacky Cars city car

6. Judging by this cartoon-on-wheels, the owner of this car must be the biggest fan of Disney's Frozen...

Wacky Cars Frozen

7. Someone please explain to me why this exists...

Wacky Cars racoon and bigfoot

8. This car looks fine at first glance, but then you notice all the outrageous details...

Wacky Cars sports car

9. This car has quite a boxy feel to it

Wacky Cars car covered in boxes

10. What on Earth happened to these vehicles?

Wacky Cars weird wheels on cars

11. A hilarious Barby-mobile

Wacky Cars pink car

12. Is this a bespoke paint job or the result of a paint spilling accident?

Wacky Cars paint accident

13. This must be Tumbellina's car and home

Wacky Cars Tumbellina's car

14. All the worst parts of every car combined in one

Wacky Cars All the worst parts of every car combined

15. This car has bedazzled us!

Wacky Cars bedazzled car

16. But why?

Wacky Cars coronamobile
Source of all images: izismile
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