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The Beauty of Nature Never Ceases to Amaze – 13 Pics

The beauty of nature is all around us – from the clouds in the sky to the fallen flowers on the streets. And no matter where you live, you can never quite get enough of admiring the raw charm of our natural world. Here, we have collected some spectacular photos from all around the world that showcase the many colors of nature. These pictures are so pleasing to the eyes.

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1. The colors of this hummingbird’s feathers look so unique! 

Beauty of Nature, hummingbird

2. A small windstorm left this beautiful flower arrangement on the street...

Beauty of Nature, flower

3. "One Tree Point" has been named appropriately, hasn't it? 

Beauty of Nature, Tree

4. Did you know plants can be albinos too? This rare one was found in someone's garden. Unfortunately, they don't live long since they cannot photosynthesize.

Beauty of Nature, albino plants

5. Just look at the colors on this cloud! 

Beauty of Nature, cloud

6. The clear sky is reflected so perfectly on this building... Wow! 

Beauty of Nature, clear sky

7. This baby tree in Scotland has grown on a fence!

Beauty of Nature, baby tree

8. This dog’s multi-colored eye make him appear to be a character from a fantasy film

Beauty of Nature,  dog’s multi-colored eye

9. Have you seen a double rainbow and the end of a rainbow before? 

Beauty of Nature, double rainbow

10. What a handsome moth!

Beauty of Nature, moth

11. Picture perfect! 

Beauty of Nature, cloud, pond

12. The foliage on this building is almost of a rainbow gradient 

Beauty of Nature, foliage

13. Just imagine yourself sitting here, soaking in the scenery...

Beauty of Nature, colorful
All images source: Acid Cow
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