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This Muralist Breathes New Life Into Dull Street Buildings

 Wouldn’t it be great if you stepped out on the street and were greeted by giant paintings of beautiful birds instead of dull, blank walls? That’s what is happening on the streets of Argentina, Albania, Germany, Greece, and the United Kingdom, where muralist and illustrator Fio Silva painted city buildings with vibrant colors and pictures of beautiful animals. She is inspired by nature and loves featuring animals, especially birds, in her art.


Murals of Wildlife, birds
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, fish
Image source: Fio Silva

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fio started painting about ten years back when her friends gifted her a few cans of spray paint on her birthday. Upon discovering that she was good at painting animal murals, Fio turned it into a passion. She decided to give a few dull buildings in her neighborhood a new life with her artworks.

Very soon, her fluid and colorful murals got the attention of people in her neighborhood, who readily offered their walls to add to the collection.


Murals of Wildlife, bird, trees
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, animals
Image source: Fio Silva

Soon enough, Fio expanded her portfolio to public spaces displayed in different cities of the world. She's even won an international street art talent competition a few years ago and is determined to continue honing her craft.

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Silva's murals are lively and, apart from enlivening city streets, they also present nature rather expressively. Let’s take a look at some of the best works of this talented muralist.


Murals of Wildlife, swan
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, eagle
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, buidling art
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, swans
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, fox
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, bird painting
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, animal art
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, painting wildlife
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, bird
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, frogs
Image source: Fio Silva


Murals of Wildlife, deer, mythical, art
Image source: Fio Silva
Check out more works of the artist on her Instagram page. 
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