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15 Construction Safety Fails That Look Too Crazy to Be Real!

Work safety at construction sites has improved immensely in the past century. But progress is a slow and gradual process, and it looks like the fundamentals of occupational safety still hadn’t reached every corner of the world. The construction safety fails you’ll see in this article are not for the faint of heart. But don’t worry, no careless worker was harmed in the production of these pictures (even though they tried really hard).

1. Grounding the wire, check!

Construction Fails Grounding the wire

2. Listen to the sign

Construction Fails sign

3. This looks hilarious, but this man is one step away from getting a serious face burn

Construction Fails man with newspaper on face

4. This place really needs a work safety professional

Construction Fails  work safety professional

5. I hope those workers down there are getting a REALLY high salary

Construction Fails hanging by the ladder

6. "I moved the carts just like you asked, boss!"

Construction Fails carts in front of fire door

7. A man painting the Blackpool Tower in Blackpool, England, at the beginning of the 20th century

Construction Fails man painting the Blackpool Tower

8. The asphalt being laid at The Talladega Speedway in 1969

Construction Fails Talladega Speedway

9. Good luck finding the wire that's not working!

Construction Fails bundle of wires

10. This man is risking to get closer to the Lord than he expects...

Construction Fails ladder fail

11. What you're witnessing in this picture is someone warming up gelled diesel

Construction Fails warming up gelled diesel

12. We wish everyone a safe workday and not having to call Todd

Construction Fails Todd

13. Just planting some trees...

Construction Fails planting trees

14. "Something seems to be stuck, let me get it real quick."

Construction Fails man in woodchipper

15. Someone played a bit too much Tetris back in the day...

Construction Fails car stacking Tetris
Source of all images: Safety First/ Reddit
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