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Nature in Bloom and Full of Color - 15 Terrific Photos

Flowers are Mother Nature’s beautiful gifts to this world. In every corner of our planet - from the striking and colorful tropical flowers of the Amazon rainforest to the lavender fields of France and the tender beauty of Japanese flowering trees - the flora is distinct yet somehow also equally stunning. Let’s take a moment to contemplate and celebrate these generous offerings by turning our attention to some of the most outstanding plant specimens across the globe.

1. This gorgeous wisteria tree is located in Ashikaga Flower Park, in Japan, and it's 150 years old.

Beautiful Flowers wisteria tree in Ashikaga Flower Park

2. Pink tree flowers covered in snow in Kansas City

Beautiful Flowers Pink tree flowers covered by snow

3. Ranunculus

Beautiful Flowers Ranunculus

4. Artichoke in full bloom

Beautiful Flowers Artichoke

5. This Azalea bonsai looks like a mini Japanese cherry blossom tree

Beautiful Flowers Azalea bonsai

6. Daisies at Urashima Flower Park, Japan

Beautiful Flowers Urashima Flower Park

7. Pink Fuchsia (Fuchsia hybrida)

Beautiful Flowers Pink Fuchsia (Fuchsia Hybrida)

8. What a fun color combination on this Spiderwort plant (Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Tricolor’)

Beautiful Flowers Tradescantia Fluminensis ‘Tricolor’

9. A perfectly symmetrical Camellia flower

Beautiful Flowers Camellia

10. This stone cottage in Scotland looks like a fairy-tale cottage!

Beautiful Flowers stone cottage in Scotland

11. Ghost Caladium (Caladium moonlight)

Beautiful Flowers Ghost Caladium (Caladium Moonlight)

12. A perfectly proportional pink dahlia

Beautiful Flowers Dahlia

13. The Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) tree has a very peculiar blooming pattern

Beautiful Flowers Eastern Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)

14. What a unique rose hybrid!

Beautiful Flowers Hybrid rose

15. The famous Angel Oak is a Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana). It grows on Johns Island, in South Carolina, and it's believed to be 500 years old.

Beautiful Flowers Angel Oak
Source of all images: Boredpanda
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