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15 Terrific Photos of Animals Being Hilarious and Cute

 If you follow what your pets do throughout the day, you’ll likely find that they are not so different from you and me. They all like to relax in a cozy place after a few hours of running around and engaging in their usual shenanigans, aka their work. Older pets are just as annoyed by puppies pestering them when all they need is some rest. And all animals share the love for tasty treats, just like we all do.
If we were asked to describe the behavior of the hilarious pets in these pictures, we’d say that they’re very childlike. They’re adorable, sometimes naughty, sometimes funny, but always super amusing to observe!

1. The most convenient place to sleep

Hilarious Animal Moments puppy sleeping between uggs
Image Source: Reddit

2. "Eeek! A mouse!"

Hilarious Animal Moments Labrador carried upstairs
Image Source: Reddit

3. Both of them wanted to be in the front seat

Hilarious Animal Moments dog and cat in the front seat
Image Source: Reddit

4. "Did someone say DESSERT?"

Hilarious Animal Moments funny face dog
Image Source: Reddit

5. "How did you know that carrots are my favorite!"

Hilarious Animal Moments horse carrot
Image Source: Reddit

6. "Weee! I'm flying!"

Hilarious Animal Moments cat funny face
Image Source: Reddit

7. "They will never find me."

Hilarious Animal Moments cat behind curtain
Image Source: Reddit

8. "One puppachino, please, with extra foam."

Hilarious Animal Moments drive-thru dog
Image Source: Reddit

9. "There's a fly on your nose, let me get it."

Hilarious Animal Moments dog touching other dog's face
Image Source: Reddit

10. "Mommy, please help me, I don't know what happened."

11. "The first day of school was very exhausting."

Hilarious Animal Moments cat in bed
Image Source: Reddit

12. A donkey sunbathing - now you've seen everything!

Hilarious Animal Moments donkey sunbathing
Image Source: Reddit

13. Don't be fooled, this cute kitty is made of 99.9% shenanigans...

14. The walk was a bit too much fun, and he fell asleep...

Hilarious Animal Moments sleeping puppy
Image Source: Reddit

15. The apple diet isn't working out too well for this chubby little fella.

Hilarious Animal Moments bear on a pile of apples
Image Source: Reddit
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