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These Animals Just Can’t Help Being Silly All the Time

Smiling, it is said, is good for your health. Of course, you can’t go around smiling all day for no reason at all! But when you look at these funny animal pictures, you won’t be able to stop yourself. The silly shenanigans of these cats, dogs, possums, and kangaroos, won’t just make you chuckle but are sure to warm your heart instantly. Take a look. 

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1. Selfie buddies! 

Funny Animals Pics,Selfie buddies! 

2. "Stop making faces and smile for the camera, buddy."

Funny Animals Pics, cats and dogs

3. "Hmm. This does fit me rather well."

Funny Animals Pics,dog

4. Looks like he's found his new best friend. 

Funny Animals Pics,

5. It almost feels as the possum is about to cast a dangerous spell. 

Funny Animals Pics, possum

6. "Never try that trick with me again."

Funny Animals Pics, elephant

7. When you have done something naughty and don't want to be caught.

Funny Animals Pics, cow

8. That's a nice offer, indeed! 

Funny Animals Pics,dog

9. "What? I didn't do anything!"

Funny Animals Pics, cat

10. "Come here, buddy. I will keep you safe."

Funny Animals Pics, kitten and chick, friends

11. "Bah! There's nothing good in the news these days!"

Funny Animals Pics, parakeet

12. "Wait, that's my birthday cake?! SO tiny?!!!"

Funny Animals Pics, dog, birthday

13. "Come closer and tell me my antlers look funny one more time."

Funny Animals Pics, deer, cat

14. Nothing much to see here. Just a dog in shirt and jeans crossing the street...

Funny Animals Pics, dog in human dress

15. Working from home can indeed be boring at times...

Funny Animals Pics, Working from home, cat
All images source: Izismile
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