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15 Times Cute Pets Somehow Ended Up Looking Terrifying

 Having pets in the house can be quite a blessing. Their adorable antics and cute shenanigans melt our hearts and make us smile every day. Usually, they look so cute and innocent that we want to snuggle up with them. That, however, isn’t always the case. These cute cats and dogs were captured at the wrong moments and ended up looking downright sinister. The results were rather funny… 

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1. No, he's not the devil. That's just flour on his face. 

scary pets, devil
Image source: Reddit

2. The first scene of a horror movie...

scary pets, dogs with axe
Image source: Facebook

3. I really wouldn't want to see that shadow at night!

scary pets, shadow
Image source: Reddit

4. This dog clearly loves to play with the vacuum. But look at that face! 

scary pets, vacuum
Image source: Reddit

5. "Just give me the tweezers, and no harm shall come to you."

scary pets, tweezers , cat
Image source: Twitter

6. I don't know what he is up to, but it looks like something sinister

scary pets, black cat
Image source: Reddit

7. "I've been waiting for you all day!"

scary pets, funny cat smile
Image source: Reddit

8. Imagine coming across this exact scene, but at night! 

scary pets, dog and head
Image source: Reddit

9. "I asked you to move from my spot, didn't I?"

scary pets, cat mean
Image source: Instagram

10. "Why is my dinner not on time, Jim?"

scary pets, cat, shadow
Image source: Reddit

11. "Hehe. Come closer. I want to lick your face."

scary pets, puppy
Image source: Reddit

12. Whatever I did, I am sorry!

scary pets, dark cat face
Image source: Reddit

13. The mystery of the cursed forest 

scary pets, forest dog
Image source: Reddit

14. He seems to be planning to take over the world

scary pets, cat, funny expression
Image source: Reddit

15. Ketchup stains always look much worse than they are. 

scary pets, ketchup
Image source: Reddit
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