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11 Clever and Simple Solutions for Common Daily Problems

 We can all agree that a lost remote or a fried egg stuck to the pan are both minor nuisances. But these little pesky problems can pile up throughout the day, ruining your mood and wasting you lots of time. The 11 tips we will share with you are the opposite of that. They make going through the day easier and more pleasant. With these optimization tricks, doing mundane tasks like packing, baking, and opening wine bottles is as easy as can be!

1. Use velcro to attach the remote to a convenient spot, so that you never lose the remote ever again.

Hacks velcro remote
Image Source: Matt Miller/ Flickr

2. The ties inside disposable masks are stronger and longer than average ones. You can use them to fasten and organize pretty much anything.

Hacks ties inside disposable masks
Image Source: Reddit

3. It takes 10 seconds to shred chicken with the help of a hand or stand mixer.

Hacks shred chicken with the help of a hand or stand mixer
Image Source: Reddit
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4. Fried egg stuck to the pan? Letting the pan cool down a bit on a damp kitchen towel may make the unsticking process go easier and faster. 

Hacks Fried egg

5. Instead of using a foil knife to take off the foil from the wine bottle, you can use a vegetable peeler.

Hacks wine bottle

6. Some cats hate wearing the cone, but are fine with an ordinary paper plate.

Hacks cat wearing a paper plate
Image Source: izismile

7. Use a syringe to add honey or maple syrup when baking. It's more convenient to measure out an accurate dose, and it's less messy too.

Hacks syringe baking
Image Source: izismile

8. If you have a compact, parking at the front of the parking space avoids making people think it’s an empty space.

Hacks parking a compact
Image Source: izismile

9. Use old muffin trays to organize nuts and bolts.

Hacks muffin trays to organize nuts and bolts
Image Source: izismile

10. Grow infinite green onions by storing them in water.

Image Source: izismile

11. A convenient way to have a small sum of money stashed away.

Hacks A convenient way to have a small sum of money stashed away
Image Source: izismile
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