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These Signs Turned Out To Be Unintentionally Hilarious!

 All of us need a little dose of laughter from time to time. Well, if you want some cheering up, look no further than the weird signs we have featured here. There was nothing wrong with the intention of putting up these signs. However, they ended up being unintentionally hilarious. Some of these are so absurd that they will have you chuckling with delight…

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1. Okay, thanks! 

 Weird Signs, eating

2. Wait... What? 

 Weird Signs, pets

3. Confused? So were we!

 Weird Signs, restaurant

4. "But... what should I do?"

 Weird Signs, elevator

5. So... I won't get a discount if I don't have the flu? 

 Weird Signs, flu

6. That's okay. But what exactly is 'smorking'? 

 Weird Signs, smorking

7. Hmm... I wonder why they need a lawyer, though? 

 Weird Signs, child

8. Gotta check out KFC Sephora soon. I expect a wild mixture of makeup and chicken wings. 

 Weird Signs, KFC

9. A perfect example of why knowing English grammar is important

 Weird Signs, eating

10. You shouldn't be eating kids on ANY day of the week 

 Weird Signs,

11. Why would we want to head towards panic? 

 Weird Signs, roadside

12. Now, this is just rude 

 Weird Signs, diabetes

13. Just make up your mind!

 Weird Signs, university college school

14. Exactly who is this sign for? 

 Weird Signs, animals
All images source: Acid Cow
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