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You’ll Need to Look Twice at These Pics to Understand Them

 Photography can sometimes produce truly unusual results. You've surely encountered pictures that confused you at first glance and require a second look to be understood. Sometimes, this happens because the photo was taken from a weird angle, but it can also be purely accidental. Either way, such photos are always fun. Let us share a few of such misleading pics with you. Fair warning, they are bound to mess with your mind a little.

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1. Is that a woman with a dog’s head or a dog with a woman’s body?

Look Twice pics, woman with a dog’s head

2. This wall seems to be moving, doesn't it? 

Look Twice pics, wall

3. Alternate realities!

Look Twice pics, Alternate realities

4. The shadow on the stairs looks like another set of stairs.

Look Twice pics, stairs

5. Lenticular clouds over the Organ Mountains in New Mexico.

Look Twice pics, Lenticular clouds

6. That's not some cloth draped over a car. That's a blanket of snow! 

Look Twice pics, snow

7. The sun takes off exactly one inch of ice from this roof every day. 

Look Twice pics, roof , ICE

8. This metro station in Istanbul presents fascinating contrasts. 

Look Twice pics, metro station in Istanbul

9. The angle that this photo was taken from makes it look like two separate pictures of two different rooms.

Look Twice pics, rooms

10. The way these clouds have formed looks so fascinating. 

Look Twice pics, clouds

11. Meet the world's strongest dog. He can break his head through cement!

Look Twice pics, dog

12. Wondering what this is? It's a perfectly polished car roof...

Look Twice pics, polished car roof

13. This woman has an impressive beard. And whiskers... And snout! 

Look Twice pics, dog

14. Marvel at the great pyramids of Florida!

Look Twice pics, pyramids

15. Is the cat on the left too small, or is the cat on the right a giant?

Look Twice pics, cat
All images source: Acid Cow
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