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Our World is a Place of Wonder & Curiosity - 18 Photos

 Whether it’s the beauty of nature or the extraordinary achievements of humans, there is no denying that our world is filled with wonder and curiosity. The photos in the collection below may seem like they don’t have an overarching theme, but they do have one common thread running through them - each one depicts poignant and fascinating moments that you wouldn’t want to miss. We are positive that anyone can find something new and exciting while scrolling through these incredible images. Take a look. 

1. Lake Baldeneysee in Essen, GermanyExtraordinary and Poignant Images Lake Baldeneysee in Essen, Germany

2. Two roses in oneExtraordinary and Poignant Images Two roses in one

3. A lockdown creation, made of cardboard and hot glue.Extraordinary and Poignant Images cardboard house model

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4. Bobby Fischer, considered by many to be the greatest chess player who ever lived, playing 50 opponents simultaneously in 1964. In this particular simultaneous exhibition, he won 47 of the matches, drew 2, and lost 1.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Bobby Fischer

5. Unfinished 7th-century rock-cut Indian Hindu temple. The structure was carved out top to bottom from a giant rock.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Unfinished 7th-century rock-cut Indian Hindu temple

6. Long exposure picture of a plane taking off.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Long exposure picture of a plane taking off.

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7. Baby octopuses still in their eggs.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Baby octopuses still in their eggs

8. President Lyndon B. Johnson owned a water-surfing car. He used to scare guests with it.Extraordinary and Poignant Images President Lyndon B. Johnson water surfing car

9. A 3500 years old lighter, found among the ancient Egyptian pharaoh King Tutankhamun's properties.Extraordinary and Poignant Images A 3500 years old lighter

10. A Leopon is the hybrid offspring of a male leopard and a lioness.Extraordinary and Poignant Images leopon

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11. Street art in BerlinExtraordinary and Poignant Images Street art in Berlin

12. Abandoned miners' cottages in a slate quarry in Snowdonia, North Wales. The quarry closed in 1969 due to industry decline.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Abandoned miners' cottages Wales

13. “I traveled 300 kilometers away from my heavily light-polluted city to capture this image of The Andromeda Galaxy.”Extraordinary and Poignant Images Andromeda Galaxy

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14. A real Mercedes Benz G-Class suspended in resin.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Mercedes Benz G-Class suspended in resin

15. A beautiful street view in Istanbul, TurkeyExtraordinary and Poignant Images A beautiful street view in Istanbul, Turkey

16. A miniature sculptureExtraordinary and Poignant Images A miniature sculpture

17. Stockholm Telephone Tower with about 5,500 telephone lines, 1890.Extraordinary and Poignant Images Stockholm Telephone Tower

18. A 2500-year-old Australian Antarctic Beech tree within an ancient rainforest, Southeastern AustraliaExtraordinary and Poignant Images 2500-year-old Australian Antarctic Beech tree

Source of images: Izismile

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