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12 Wholesome Comics That Share Important Life Lessons

 People often conceive of comics as either childish or funny, but this medium has more potential than one would think! The comics we’re about to share with you may look colorful and cute, but they actually tackle many important and serious topics, such as coping with criticism and anxiety, going through grief, and garnering empathy, self-love, and kindness within you. Scroll through these wholesome, feel-good comics and get inspired for the day!

These colorful illustrations were created by an artist that goes by the name Slimy Oddity, check out more works by this artist by visiting their Instagram Page.

Slimy Oddity Comics be kind to your mind
Slimy Oddity Comics we come out of this world
Slimy Oddity Comics how to be happy
Slimy Oddity Comics happiness lies within you
Slimy Oddity Comics mountain
Slimy Oddity Comics go inside
Slimy Oddity Comics grow at your own pace
Slimy Oddity Comics loss
Slimy Oddity Comics criticism
Slimy Oddity Comics real growth
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