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15 Real Places That Look Like They’re From a Movie

 Being able to immerse yourself in a fantastical setting is one of the reasons why we watch movies. But the screen is by far not the only place with whimsical castles and vast landscapes. Some very real places on our planet are so pristine, so beautiful, and unique that you won’t believe your own eyes when you see them. From the "Earth Pyramids" of Tyrol to the frozen waters of Lake Michigan, these mesmerizing places will make you rub your eyes in disbelief!

1. The Spadena House, also known as The Witch's House, is a storybook house in Beverly Hills, California.

Amazing Places Spadena House

2. A garden of giant trees in Japan

Amazing Places giant trees in Japan

3. The 19th-century old town of Nagano in the spring, sakura blossoms in the foreground. 

Amazing Places Nagano

4. Mammatus clouds over an abandoned house in South Dakota. These clouds are a warning sign of a big storm. 

Amazing Places Mammatus clouds over an abandoned house in South Dakota

5. Oregon Coast is so beautiful!

Amazing Places Oregon Coast

6. This photo of a snowy forest and a car at night would definitely make a great Stephen King novel cover

Amazing Places snow-covered forest and car at night

7. This floodwater cathedral is hidden 22 meters underground and it's protecting Tokyo from floods

Amazing Places floodwater cathedral

8. The Emperor's Corridor in The Czech Republic

Amazing Places The Emperor's Corridor In The Czech Republic

9. A tower in the middle of an Irish forest

Amazing Places Irish forest

10. The Half Dome, a granite dome in Yosemite National Park, California.

Amazing Places Half Dome

11. The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland has an entire underground cathedral carved entirely out of salt

Amazing Places The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland cathedral

12. The "Earth Pyramids" in South Tyrol, Northern Italy 

Amazing Places South Tyrol mountains

13. Trees covered in green moss contrasting beautifully with the freshly-fallen red leaves in the Basque Country, Spain

Amazing Places Basque Country, Spain

14. The semi-frozen waters of Lake Michigan

Amazing Places Lake Michigan

15. The village of Oppstryn, Norway, is located by the large lake Oppstrynsvatnet, and it looks like it's from a fairytale.

Amazing Places Oppstryn, Norway
Source of all images: acidcow
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