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Nature is So Beautiful! 15 Glorious Photos of Birds

 Seeing birds in the zoo is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t come even close to being able to observe them in their natural habitat. It’s only in the wild that you’re able to observe how birds interact with each other and with the outside world, be it a baby penguin cuddling with its parents, a duckling curiously observing a fly, or a group of red-crowned cranes dancing on a wintry morning.

It is the goal of the Bird Photographer of the Year contest (BPOTY, for short) to highlight the most precious, intimate, and beautiful bird moment captured on film so that we’re able to appreciate the beauty of our avian friends and partake in their adventures. For the sixth year in a row, the competition published a selection of finalists, and we’re here to share the highlights with you today. Enjoy!

Tip: To see each bird in full glory, click on it, and the image will expand.
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1. “Emperor penguins” by Thomas Vijayan

BPOTY 2021 Finalists “Emperor penguins” by Thomas Vijayan

2. “Fiery-throated Hummingbird” by Gail Bisson

3. “Mallard duck” by Zdeněk Jakl

4. "Red-crowned crane” by Li Ying Lou

5. “Tufted duck” by Brad James

6. Untitled by Gábor Li

7. “Atlantic puffin” by Øyvind Pedersen

8. "American Oystercatcher" by James Wilcox

9. “White-tailed sea-eagle” by Fahad Alenezi

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10. “European shag” by Brian Matthews

11. “Hamerkop” by Daniel Zhang

12. “Black-and-white warbler” by Raymond Hennessy

13. “Long-tailed tit” by Irene Waring

14. “Eurasian nuthatch” by Mark Williams

15. “Mute swan” by Andy Parkinson

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