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10 Terrific Cooking Tips and Hacks You’ll Want to Save!

 It’s super satisfying when you come up with a quicker and easier way to complete a dreaded task, isn’t it? Like many people, I hate chopping onions because I always end up crying my eyes out. Luckily, we found a trick to salvage that issue as well as many other kitchen troubles and inconveniences in this article. So, if you’re interested in saving yourself some time and trouble in the kitchen, scroll down and see what tips and tricks we prepared for you!

1. Here's the best way to cook one-pan chicken and sliced potatoes. Cook the chicken on a wire rack above the potatoes. The potatoes turn out much better this way, and the chicken is crispier, too!

Cooking Tricks one-pan chicken and sliced potatoes
Image Source: Acidcow

2. When the splatter shield is too small for your pan, support it with a couple of wooden spatulas on the sides.

3. Use a tablespoon to peel boiled eggs much faster and easier!

Cooking Tricks peel boiled eggs with spoon
Image Source: Acidcow

4. Save this picture to always know which temperature your steak needs to be in order to reach a specific degree of doneness.

Cooking Tricks degree of doneness
Image Source: Reddit

5. Here's a mess-free method of draining a cooked packet of rice: once your rice is done, pierce the packet with a fork, let it drain, and cool over the pan like so.

Cooking Tricks  draining cooked rice packets
Image Source: Acidcow

6. Using a bread knife to slice tomatoes will let you cut them really thin without the juices spilling all over the cutting board.

Cooking Tricks a bread knife to slice tomatoes
Image Source: Acidcow

7. This is the easiest way to clean a greasy container: blot grease with a paper towel, add soap and water, cover with a lid, shake, and empty. Voila!

8. How to fit 2 large packets of hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish.

Cooking Tricks hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish
Image Source: Acidcow

9. How to pick the right onion for a dish.

Cooking Tricks pick the right onion
Image Source: Reddit

10. Last but not least: place a burning candle near your chopping board to cut onions and not cry.

Cooking Tricks burning candle near your chopping board to cut onions
Image Source: Acidcow
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