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16 Superb Animal Photos to Brighten Your Day

 Cute and funny animals have the power to brighten one’s day like very few other things, only if temporarily. In this article, we feature different animals - both wild and domesticated - going about their day, having no idea just how priceless and adorable they are. Expect to see the unexpected, from a cat reluctantly sniffing a banana to a dog mimicking a bear and a group of cats watching Tom & Jerry. Because a day without animal shenanigans is a day wasted!

1. Why are these people sleeping in this cute dog's bed?

Animal Photos dog in bed

2. What a cheeky little face!

Animal Photos baby goat

3. This is the moment in time when his owners realized that a diet would be in order

Animal Photos chubby dog stuck in doggie door

4. Drive-through cuddle station

Animal Photos dog cuddled from car

5. When you gaze into the abyss, and the abyss also gazes into you

Animal Photos black cat

6. Not every new experience is worth it...

Animal Photos cat and banana

7. How cute! These doggies have their own little balcony

Animal Photos doggies with their own little balcony

8. Oh no! We have a bear in the house!!

Animal Photos bear in the house

9. When it's been raining all day and you need cuddles

Animal Photos cat and dog cuddles

10. Ms. Mittens in her rocking chair...

Animal Photos rocking chair

11. Anyone cares to adopt this spoonful of an existential hamster?

Animal Photos existential hamster

12. My cat plants are finally blooming!

Animal Photos cat plants

13. Admire the elusive tree dog in its natural habitat

Animal Photos dog on tree

14. Just a normal picture of two chubby rabbits... no big deal

Animal Photos two chubby rabbits

15. Why hello there, you little guard puppy!

Animal Photos corgi in a  WC stall

16. Learning from the master

Animal Photos cats Tom and Jerry
Source of all images: Boredpanda
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