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A Genius Unexpected Way to Use Coffee Filters

 Coffee filters are one of those kitchen items that have numerous unexpected uses outside of the kitchen. So, if you have a few coffee filters you don’t like to use in your coffee maker, there’s a myriad of alternative ways to utilize them. One of the best ways to make use of coffee filters is lining your flower pots with them. Why would you do that? It may actually make your plants more resilient and healthy. Here’s why coffee filters are a secret gardening must-have.
Using a coffee filter in potted plants has several important advantages. But before we brief you on that, let’s explain how it’s done. While repotting a plant, simply place a coffee filter at the bottom of the plant, and top it up with some moist potting soil. No need to use gravel, rocks, or anything else you usually use for drainage. Then, fit the plant into the flower pot on top of the coffee filter, and add more soil on the sides, if needed.
It’s pretty simple, right? Now, onto the advantages.
Coffee Filters in Potted Plants repotting

Neat Repotting. The obvious advantage of using coffee filters in potted plants is mess-free plant maintenance. Having the paper filter at the bottom of the pot makes repotting flowers an easy and clean task. Also, paper filters will trap in any dirt that could leak out through the drainage hole as you’re watering plants, so your pots will look neater and cleaner.
Plant Health. More importantly, though, using coffee filters can benefit the plant’s overall health and growth. Firstly, because you don’t need to use gravel and rocks at the bottom of the pot, your plant will have more room to grow and develop a healthy root system without you needing to constantly repot the plant. In addition, using coffee filters helps optimize your plant’s hydration levels - it will prevent the plant from being flooded with water or drying out the soil too quickly.
Oftentimes, the drainage hole of a flower pot can be blocked by clumps of soil or rocks. If this happens, the drainage of the pot will become worse and water will start collecting at the bottom of the pot, which promotes root rot, a potentially deadly disease for plants. By lining your flower pot with a coffee filter, you’re preventing the drainage hole from being clogged up by debris and encouraging more even water distribution.
In addition, coffee filters tend to absorb a little bit of water, too, which can be useful if you forgot to water your plants on time, as the moisture reserve in the filter will be just enough to keep your plant hydrated a little longer. All in all, coffee filters are a cheap and useful tool that helps your potted plants look better and grow healthy. It’s an essential and fuss-free trick for those of you who want to grow a beautiful indoor garden.
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