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10 Winning Photos From the 2021 Sony Photography Awards

 The World Photography Organization recently announced the category winners of the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards. The organization raises awareness of the many genres and topics explored through photography in the world. Each year, these awards feature the best images by the most talented photographers.

More than 100 photographers were shortlisted in the 2021 competition along with ten category winners. This year’s winning images include a dramatic shot when lightning strikes a field of flowering lavender and an almost cinematic image captured at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Each winner will receive “the latest digital imaging equipment from Sony” and will then get the opportunity to compete for the overall open winner that will be announced on April 15.  

Let’s now take a look at the winners across the ten categories of this year.

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1. Architecture: "The Blue Window" (Photographer- Klaus Lenzen, Germany)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, Architecture
The stairs at the Hyatt hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

2. Creative: "African Victorian" (Photographer - Tamary Kudita, Zimbabwe)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, "African Victorian"
The image shows a young black woman in a Victorian dress holding traditional Shona cooking utensils.

3. Landscape: "Electric Storm on Lavender" (Photographer - Juan López Ruiz)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, Storm

This stunning photo taken in the province of Guadalajara, Spain, captures the moment lighting strikes a flowering field of lavender with a solitary tree at its center.

4. Lifestyle: "Dias de Playa" (Photographer -  Mariano Belmar, Spain)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, Lifestyle
A lovely picture of two women enjoying a morning walk on the beach in Alicante, Spain.

5. Motion: "Girl Power" (Photographer - Marijo Maduna, Croatia)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021,
This striking black-and-white photograph captures the moment a woman dives off a cliff on the island of Lokrum near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

6. Natural World and Wildlife: "Little Kiss" (Photographer - Cristo Pihlamäe, Estonia)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, hare
A beautiful photo of a hare looking out into the field.

7. Object: "Memento" (Photographer - Kata Zih, Hungary)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, Object

This image depicts a tailor’s mannequin in an empty room. According to the photographer, the stillness of this photo conjures a feeling of solitude. 

8. Portraiture: "Son" (Photographer - Lyudmila Sabanina, Russian Federation)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021,
Through this poignant photo, which features a young boy sitting on a table and contemplating something, the photographer wanted to display another side of childhood that is rarely seen.

9. Street Photography: "Disinfection" (Photographer - F. Dilek Uyar, Turkey)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, covid
An employee of the Health Affairs unit of Ankara Municipality is seen spraying public transportation with disinfectants during the coronavirus pandemic.

10. Travel: "Drying Fish" (Photographer - Khanh Phan, Vietnam)

Sony World Photography Awards 2021, fish
A woman dries trays of fish at Long Hai fish market in the Vung Tau province of Vietnam. Thousands of trays of fish are dried on rooftops by hundreds of workers here every day.
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